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I'm gonna write a short summary of things in my interest and projects I am currently pursuing. There is no particular order on how these are entered here.

-My main daily driver is of course my work. Being a controller by day means the main items on my screen are Excel, accounting software and Outlook - Lots of numbers all day long.

-Something I have to get done is finishing my Bachelor in economics via distance learning -> Just 2 more essays to write and the thesis

-I am doing a „Bilanzbuchhalter“-training (a german chamber of commerce certified account) as well that revolves around reporting and german taxes and year end closings

-I like to keep up with news in the tech sector and related to startups. I'm diving deep into Hacker News and Product Hunt on a daily basis. I'm kind of a news addict - I could stay in my Feed reader all day long...

-I'm into developing for Apple devices, but couldn't keep up in recent times, so I decided to look at something that i can use more efficiently and for more things so i started learning Rust. I took a dive into the language and do some command line applications for personal use at the moment with the intention of submitting to the Rust-environment and open-source projects.

-Playing Eve Online currently takes up a lot of my leisure time - I am CEO of a corp that is part of Goonswarm Federation. My Corp Discoverings is really a bunch of dudes that are digging into all the fun and fleets and enjoy hanging out on Discord in the evenings. I am also part of Goonswarms‘ Recon and Coordination teams that do background work in that alliance of thousands of people.

-I'm gaming a bit on the PS4, Switch and Xbox One - recently played Games include Madden NFL 19, Horizon Zero Dawn, Stardew Valley, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Ghost Recon Wildlands. On the PC i am currently digging Eve only

-Last but not least (au contraire) my wife and me recently had our first kid that of course currently takes up a major part of each day. It is a pleasure to see her grow from week to week. Although she keeps us awake the better part of each night and eats into all the other activities mentioned above, it is more than worth it for every single second you can watch her grow.

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