This page is inspired by this entry.

I'm gonna write a short summary of things in my interest and projects I am currently pursuing. There is no particular order on how these are entered here.

-My main daily driver is of course my work. Being a controller by day means the main items on my screen are Excel, accounting software and Outlook - Lots of numbers all day long.

-Something I have to get done is finishing my Bachelor in economics via distance learning -> Just 2 more essays to write and the thesis

-I like to keep up with news in the tech sector and related to startups. I'm diving deep into Hacker News and Product Hunt on a daily basis. I'm kind of a news addict - I could stay in my Feed reader all day long...

-I'm into developing for Apple devices, but couldn't keep up in recent times, so I just set a target for myself to restart my Game - I will probably start developing this for AppleTV and in Swift

-Playing Eve Online currently takes up a lot of my leisure time - I am in a corp that ispart of Goonswarm Federation. My Corp Discoverings is really a bunch of dudes that are digging into all the fun and fleets and enjoy hanging out on teamspeak in the evenings.

-My girlfriend and me are really into travelling so we are always planning some kind of trip - We have been to the states a few times, Dubai and Great Britain among a few others.

-Lastly I'm gaming a bit on the PS4 and Xbox One - recently played Games include Horizon Zero Dawn, Forza Horizon 3 and Watch Dogs 2

Last updated 10th of April, 2017